Singer, Lyricist
Charlene Deville


Meet Charlene Deville, a distinctive voice hailing from the romantic landscapes of France. Charlene discovered her passion for music amidst the rich cultural tapestry of her hometown. Embracing her French heritage, she effortlessly weaves together the eloquence of both English and French in her enchanting lyrics.

With a voice that carries the weight of experience and a pen that articulates the intricacies of love, loss, and the human condition, Charlene’s lyrics resonate on a deeply personal level. Her bilingual prowess allows her to convey emotions with a nuanced touch, inviting listeners into a world where language becomes an instrument in itself.

Beyond the stage, Charlene is a proud advocate for cultural diversity in music, using her platform to bridge the gap between French and English-speaking audiences. Her music is a celebration of the interconnectedness of different musical traditions, creating an experience that transcends borders.